Fall Construction Update

With both the North Gateway Streetscape Project at Suydam Park, and the Thelma/Spadina Parking Lot expansion under way at the same time, we've had fences up and more than our fair share of construction noise and disruption this summer. The good news is that both projects are well underway and despite notable setbacks, they are nearing completion. We can't wait to see the end results and to wave goodbye to the fences!

Construction begins on the North Gateway Streetscape Project at Suydam Park

The North Gateway Streetscape Project, a joint initiative of the Forest Hill Village BIA, City of Toronto Economic Development, and Parks, to enhance the Spadina Rd. edge of Suydam Park with added seating, planters and subtle lighting, is set to get underway this week.

This is the next stage of the Forest Hill Village Masterplan that began with the building of Montclair Parkette. The goals for the project are:

- To enhance the streetscape at Suydam park for pedestrians with lighting, seating and planting so they can enjoy the park setting,

City Sign Bylaw - Public Consultations

The City of Toronto is looking for input from the public and business owners on potential changes to the City of Toronto Act and the Toronto Sign Bylaw. The proposed changes would increase the City's ability to implement and enforce the Sign Bylaw.

At the January 8, 2015 meeting of the Planning and Growth Management Committee, staff recommended that Council request the province to amend the City of Toronto Act so that the city's Sign Bylaw could apply to signs and billboards that existed prior to the current Sign Bylaw being enacted.