On-Street Public Parklet to remain over the winter!

To help provide safe passing distance, and maintain additional outdoor public space, the City of Toronto has extended our BIA parklet permit to allow the space to remain over winter.


People sitting on benches enjoying the parklet on Spadina Rd.

The owners of What a Bagel, the nearest business to the public parklet, have agreed to help out with snow clearing and will aim to have the parklet cleared within 12-24hrs of a snowfall.

Our Streetscape Maintenance person will also continue to visit the Village once or twice a week (weather permitting) to keep the parklet, and rest of the village, as tidy as possible. Thank you in advance to all who enjoy the parklet for taking along any garbage you may have produced to the nearest garbage/recycling bin at the NE corner of Spadina & Lonsdale.

Please contact the BIA anytime with concerns or questions regarding the parklet.