South Forest Hill Residents Association: call to action, petition & fundraising

In response to a development proposal that is out of scale with the rest of Forest Hill Village, the South Forest Hill Residents Association (SFHRA) has organised to join local city councillors, and planning staff in the rejection of the proposal.

More information and the 'Save our Village' petition can be found here.  

This issue has now moved on to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and below is the recent update, and fundraising appeal, from the SFHRA.


"We now need your financial support!

Yesterday (March 1st) we were well represented by our lawyer and neighbour, Peter W.G. Carey. There were over 60 people from the community in attendance. There are three groups who have now been given "Party" status (South Forest Hill Residents Association,  Manordale Holdings/404 Spadina Road and Montclair Co-Ownership Inc/60 Montclair Ave.) The lawyer for the Developer indicated that they will be bringing forth a modified siteplan. As a result, OMB Chair Heather Gibbs, ruled that another Pre-Hearing date be set for August 8th so that all the Parties can review the new plans. It was indicated that a two-week Hearing would then be set where all Parties along with the City and the Appellant would have to be prepared to put forth their own case.

Needless to say, the battle to preserve the quality of life and to secure our Forest Hill Village from some greedy developers who have hired expensive lawyers and planners requires your financial support!

For your convenience a website has been set up for you to easily contribute to the cause. Just click on the Link and make your donation today!

South Forest Hill Residents Association (SFHRA) needs to raise $65,000 to hire their own experts - urban designers, planners and other experts to counter the aggressive nature of Armel Corporation, 2449422 Ontario Ltd., and 394-396 Spadina Investments Ltd. who seek to destroy Forest Hill Village with their proposed OVERdevelopment at 390-398 Spadina Road and erode the character and quality of Forest Hill Village that will set a dangerous precedent.

Please give generously to help us save our Village!"
South Forest Hill Residents Association