New street-furniture throughout the Village!

Rendering of the new two seat/planter street furniture clusters

We all know that the Village is a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by, and most would agree that the time has come for our well-used street furniture to be replaced. The BIA board is thrilled with the new benches, chairs and planters that will be installed this Spring throughout the village.  Single benches, stand-alone planters, and clusters of two chairs with a table-height planter between them, as per the rendering above, will be placed similarly to existing street furniture locations.

While exact dates have not yet been determined since the planters are still in production, the goal is to have the removal of all the old furniture, and installation of new pieces, completed over two days sometime in early-mid June.

In an effort to reduce waste and extend the improvements throughout the village, several of the old concrete planters will be moved to Bilton Lane for reuse by the community volunteers doing laneway beautification projects.  Once the new planters are in place along Spadina Rd. our BIA gardener, Madelon, will bring them to life with an array of beautiful plantings.

The work is weather-dependent, and will temporarily cause minor disruptions to traffic on the street and sidewalks while the project is underway.  Thank you in advance for your patience as this work is completed.  We promise it will be worth it!